We cater for age 5-16 year olds.

Our alternative education is offered in a natural environment, at a relaxed pace, which enhances physical and mental health, thereby freeing up children’s minds to be fully receptive and thirsty to learn.  This also provides much needed autonomy for our neurodivergent learners.

The size of the group is based on the individual child’s need.  As a result of this, some groups might be smaller than others,

Our children cannot learn, or even consider education, until they are feeling safe and are able to connect and engage with adults and other children without the time pressures associated with school.  We encourage and support their journey through therapeutic activities and forest school. We also create activities which focus on the well-being of the individual and supports their own voice. 

Children call facilitators by their first name to help them create strong social relationships which are essential to receptive learning. The meaningful relationships built between children and their educators allows them to create a system of mutual support and accountability, enhancing their learning and development.


Child-led learning

Raw Learning is a therapeutic and well-being alternative for pupils who are unable to access mainstream education for several different reasons. We offer 49% maximum of a child’s education with our philosophy based on self-directed learning. This can be negotiable for less depending on the child’s need.