Rachel | Director

The aspect that excites me the most about Raw Learning is that I’m bringing together the skills of so many talented adults to work with children who need a little bit more care and attention; passionate, specialist staff who wouldn’t normally be found together, coming together for the good of the children. It’s what dreams are made of to me. Children can move as they feel necessary.

My biggest dream for education is that a child can choose their own path, thrive and not just survive, no matter what their level of learning might be. The challenge for me is that when the children are with us I never hear the words “I’m bored.”


Fiona | Deputy Manager/Tutor

Over my years of teaching, I became very aware that there were many children who struggled within the confines and structure of the classroom – it just didn’t suit their way of learning.  I love the freedom working at Raw Learning gives to put the needs of each individual first and teach in the way that suits them, following their lead in what excites them and what they want to find out about and explore.

I would love for education to go back into the hands of teachers who would use their expertise and knowledge to teach children according to their needs and not to the latest test that the government deems necessary to prove that schools are doing a good job.  I would love children to be able to have the freedom to learn in the way that suits them best and for them to have whatever level of support is needed for them to become confident, resilient, curious, life-long learners.

Nicola | Forest School Managing Leader

I joined Raw Learning as I have observed in my previous role where children have struggled within the classroom environment, children who have struggled focussing or are quiet indoors will often flourish in the Forest School environment. They are able to enjoy the freedom and space. The learning is very hands on and practical and supports them with their learning. The children are able to grow in confidence and their self esteem builds week after week in Forest School and helps them build a clearer sense of who they are and what they can do.

For every child to be healthy and happy, to  have skills and confidence to explore and venture out into the world to be able to play and learn. To achieve and be successful to the best of their abilities.
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Litza | Forest School Teacher/Tutor

I’m most excited about being with the young people in a relaxed and comfortable environment where everyone is accepted for who they are and the unique magic they bring.

I pray that one day our education system will acknowledge and accept each child’s differences in a holistic and inclusive manner. That young people might feel their uniqueness is a quality to celebrate and feel part of the system. And therefore, able to celebrate the many similarities they share with each other to enhance their lives. 

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Dawn | Forest School Leader / Phonics Tutor

Having worked in school settings over the years I had began to notice how more and more children were beginning to find the constraints of a busy, noisy and sometimes the unrealistic expectations of a classroom an uphill challenge. Having a passion myself for being outdoors I decided to study to become a Forest Leader with the hope that I could make a difference to the way that students learn. Children begin to flourish in a classroom without walls and can gain confidence, resilience and enjoy the freedom to just be themselves, this is exactly what I love about Raw Learning.

I wish for every child to be confident, happy and healthy regardless of their abilities, differences or behaviour. To be able to learn at their pace, in the manner to which they feel comfortable and to be given the freedom to explore and follow their interests instead of being forced to follow a very dated system. 

Tilly | 1-1 Support/ Raw Kitchen Leader/Forager

I am an advocate for spending as much time as possible outdoors for the benefit it has to our mental health and our ability to learn. At Raw Learning, children are permitted to grow into their potential with gentle guidance. It is wonderful to see our Raw Learners gain confidence, make friends and find their paths as the amazing humans they are.

I wish a place like this had existed when I was growing up, and I am grateful every day to come and work here!

Education systems need to prioritise good mental and physical health, strong inter-personal connections, kindness and openness.

Outdoor learning and activities should be available to all children – and adults – every day. I would love to see an education system where children are inspired to learn rather than pressured to excel in standardised tests.

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Simon | Carpenter

Seeing the children happy amidst the calm and nurturing of Raw is fulfilling. The hope of everyone involved is that Raw continues to thrive and expand to allow a safe alternative to main stream schooling. 

Raw sets a positive example to all, that education, as it is now, needs to change! 

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Sarah | Food Tech / Textiles / Child Development

Learning outdoors was the norm up until relatively recently where, for some bizarre reason, education moved indoors and became confined to rows of desks and chalk and talk.  What could be better than shaking off these constraints of the ‘typical’ classroom.  The freedom of working outdoors in the elements is enlivening and in turn releases serotonin, producing feelings of well-being, happiness and safety; all essential states for learning.  Raw is a caring and nurturing community which encourages the inquisitive mind, celebrates the individual and hears their voice.  What is not to get excited about?

The ‘mass education’ system we now have imposes too many restrictions and pressures on our children.  I wish for the joy to be put back into learning.  That a child’s potential, goals, dreams and individuality be at the core of education. Not whether they have passed a test and have a number.

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Dee | Teacher

 Raw Learning is a wonderful relaxing environment to work at where children’s well-being and interests are put first. Where else can you start your day with a welcome smile, an offer of tea and begin your day as curious as the children you are working with?  A session can involve a jump into the ditch to support a child to creatively build a bridge, where we become co-facilitators, guided by each child’s choices and ideas so that they can express and be themselves; to be critical thinkers, question, explore, re-imagine and invent.

Every day is a new adventure and is combined with the awe that the changing natural world brings, it is exciting to be part of the Raw community where hope and trust is built with quality family partnerships though positive communication that nurtures the whole child at their pace.

All children have a right to an education and in school-based settings children are often given ‘playtime’ with targets or removed from play for interventions or catch-up sessions.
If one wish could be made, I would like childhood to be respected and given time. A childhood with time where children can develop naturally and healthily with time for the freedom to play and be a unique child. Time where children can experience co-operative play, be creative and challenge themselves, developing resilience at their own pace and be happy.

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Clare | Teacher

Raw learning provides a place for the children to be 100% themselves without fear of judgement.  I believe the freedom and autonomy afforded to them at Raw helps the children grown in confidence, develop resilience and a sense of who they are as a person.  This not only means the child can really thrive in education, but it also gives them a really solid foundation for navigating everyday life.

Schools have become an increasingly stressful environment for children and it is all too easy for a child to come away from school feeling like they aren’t good enough.  I would want education to move away from a focus on exams and, by extension, rote learning to learning being a much more personal experience.  Learning should be about more than just ticking off a list of learning objectives.  It should be fun and inspiring!  I think learning can be a powerful tool for promoting health and happiness when each individual child’s needs are being met.